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Bridge Builders DEI Classes 

  • Bridge Builders for Business
  • Bridge Builders for Philanthropy
  • Bridge Builders for Education
  • Bridge Builders for Healthcare
  • Bridge Builders for Non Profit organizations
  • Whiteness


  • Live or Online (Zoom)
  • 90-minutes (60-minute lecture, 30-minute Q&A)
  • Includes Bridge Builders Workbook & Resources

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For me this was one of the most incredibly inspirational luncheons I've had the pleasure of attending in over 15 years. Shannon had our undivided attention during the captivating presentation. You could have heard a pin drop as this room full of community leaders listened with open hearts and minds on this very important topic. HOMERUN- NAILED IT- ON POINT- AMEN!
Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance Member
"DEI: The Art of Building Bridges in Business"
April 2021
You and Dr. Denise Davis-Cotton brought an amazing message that I know will create meaningful change. A message of Love, Acceptance, Hope - for a world that needs to heal. It’s about all of us doing the work. You inspired all of us who were blessed to be in the room yesterday. Thank you!!
Sarasota-Manatee Human Resource Association Member
"DEI: The Art of Building Bridges in Business"
April 2021
You definitely made me feel more confident and comfortable moving forward with these conversations. Thank you!
This class was truly what I was looking for in the given climate. I learned excellent strategies that I will be able to implement in my work daily. I cannot recommend this class enough! Thank you.
Shannon's heart shines through in everything she does when her mind is set. I was drawn to her when I noticed how fluent she is in discussing race relations and other topics during a recent conversation. I realized that she is not only fluent; she is also curious. We need more curiosity, and people like Shannon, in the world. She has a strong message but she can't get it out by herself. That's why I'm dedicated to serving with her. -Kiné Corder
You are an incredible leader - I feel so lucky to learn from someone with your heart, spirit, and knowledge.
Excellent session! I loved the focus on introspection and heart-centered action.
Thank you Shannon for a very thought provoking presentation. New focus for me is on the 4 H’s.. The length, material, personal stories were perfect.
Great job - just the right level of info.! I'm just beginning this journey and with this course, I now feel better equipped to go further down this path.
This workshop afforded me an incredible opportunity to learn and reflect upon my own experience and how I can do my work better. I particularly found value in the graphics and discussion of the different degrees of racism. The scripts provided at the end for conversations were invaluable. This was extraordinary, and I am a picky workshop attendee. Thank you!
THANK YOU!!!! have been thinking about the course all day and have discussed it multiple times throughout the day and night. We watched 13th tonight and Then continued our discussion. We had intended to watch prior but after the course I made it a priority. That alone demonstrates the value of my experience. I have been thinking, reading, discussing over the last few weeks and the workbook, material, And your presentation have given me concise, concrete information so I can continue to learn, listen and go deeper.
I thought it was fantastic! I think a lot of people need to see/participate in this workshop. I hope you all continue to spread awareness! Thank you so much
I would love to take another course of this nature when it is safe to gather in person.
This was so guys are so professional and I want more..another extended class...Keep up the good work. I hope you guys have extended updates and seminars on this much to learn.
This workshop afforded me an incredible opportunity to learn and reflect upon my own experience and how I can do my work better. I particularly found value in the tools that helped me understand the different forms of racism. The sample dialogue for difficult conversations were invaluable. I would recommend this class for anyone. Thank you!
Members of the Women’s Resource Center staff and Board participated in the “Bridge Builders” workshop. Thank you to Shannon Rohrer-Phillips and team for leading a powerful and engaging conversation to help build awareness and identify strategies to strengthen cross-cultural and interracial relationships. We look forward to continuing our work of supporting women in our region as they work to thrive. We know there is always more work to do, and the work starts by listening, valuing and engaging diverse voices and we are committed to advancing inclusion, equity and access to opportunity for everyone.
So, so SO fantastic to be able to start a conversation about this critically important subject in a professional setting. I have done workshops and participated in summits, meetings, committees, and task forces throughout the past 20 years in community settings but workplaces being engaged in this way is like taking a major step forward. In those other settings, the participants self-selected to a large degree. Having this happen through my employer sends a powerful message. Also, I appreciate having this conversation in an all-white group. Admittedly I was puzzled at first but realized that this is great because we (white people) need to be reinforcing this conversation with each other just as much as (or more than) with our "diverse" colleagues. I think this dynamic helps limit a "performative" dynamic that sometimes emerges in workshops about racism.