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Shannon Rohrer-Phillips, LLC (SRP, LLC) is a unique social impact agency committed to creating diversity and inclusion solutions that yield Visibility, Opportunities, and Impact! SRP, LLC produces events, media content and strategies in the Philanthropic, Media/Arts and Business Sector. We offer strategic consulting work to a select group of clients.

SRP, LLC collaborates with a diverse network of experts, businesses, foundations, and media partners to advance diversity and inclusion solutions with proven results. We achieve outcomes through strategic relationships, design, and assessment of analytics.

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Meet Our Team

Shannon Rohrer-Phillips

Owner, CEO

Growing up in Coastal Maine, I always had a fascination with the “haves and have nots.” My hometown had trailer parks, ocean front mansions and a hard working middle class. Issues of poverty, privilege, culture and kindness have been at the core of my personal and professional career and exploration for over 25 years. Over time, it’s become clear that my task as a social entrepreneur and opportunity builder is to construct bridges, initiatives and networks that connect high need and high resource stakeholders. This is why our mission at SRP, LLC is deeply rooted in creating diversity and inclusion work and expanding networks and opportunities.

I received my BA from Colgate University with a French and Sociology Concentration. After college I began working in the Boston Medical Community at the Brigham and Women’s hospital, and Beth Israel Hospital. I then went on to earn my Masters in Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work. My Master’s Thesis was entitled, “Family Ties, The Influence of Extended Families in Biracial Identity Development.” My early social work career focused on mental health, trauma, diversity and family centered care initiatives at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, and Georgetown University Hospital.

After the birth of my two sons, I joined forces with my husband Neil to create Visible Men and Visible Men Academy. VMA is an A rated all boys public charter school based in Bradenton, Florida. Racial and Gender Equity work has been a common thread throughout my career. This year, I’ve had the honor and privilege of receiving the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award from the Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce, 2019.

I love living in sunny Sarasota with my husband Neil, two teenage sons and a growing tribe of pets. I’m a nature lover, food enthusiast, ride or die Saturday Night Live fan, and a grateful, optimistic woman!


My board work has included:

  • Executive Board Member, Women’s Resource Center
    2019- present, Sarasota, FL.
  • Board member of the Smith Alumni Club of Sarasota
    2017- present
  • Community Outreach Committee, Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota, FL 2015-2017
  • Georgetown University Hospital Parent Advisory Board, Ethics Committee Washington, DC 2001-2008
  • Cedar Lane Nursery School, Parent Education, Bethesda,  MD 2005-2008

Speaking Engagements:

  • The Nantucket Project September 2018
  • Ascend at the Aspen Institute, Two Gen Summit Sarasota April 2018, February 2016
  • 10 x 10 Sarasota 2017


Shari Phillips

Vice President, Finance & Operations

Shari Phillips joined the SRP, LLC team in 2019 to lead strategic Finance & Operational initiatives. Shari has a diverse and successful business background that includes the creation of 5 companies that now generate seven figure revenues, provide hundreds of jobs throughout the country, and lead innovation in their respective sectors.

Her journey from a modest background to a self made business expert began after college, as Shari entered the workforce in sales. Shari quickly knew she had to listen to that fire inside her that yearned to create her own business. In 2013, at the age of only 29, Shari started her first company E2e Exchange, LLC (E2e). E2e is a consulting firm designed to assist schools and libraries with funding, to off-set the costs of their technology initiatives. Four years later, in 2007, Shari and her husband Doug decided to team up and build the E2e company so that together they could take it to new levels of impact. In their first year teaming up, they grew the business by 70%.

Their success in working together, led to the creation of more ideas and business accomplishments. In 2008, they launched DOSH Technology Partners, LLC, an Internet marketing company, and in 2010, they created DOSH Management, Inc. established to elevate other businesses by introducing profitable and sustainable business models. In 2014, Shari began putting structure to DOSH Holdings, LLC, which is now a multi-million-dollar property management company that is focused on the procurement and management of commercial and residential real estate. Over the last 16 years, Shari has grown her companies from nothing into multi-million-dollar organizations that are all structured with recurring revenue platforms.

Shari has found purpose in helping others learn from the unavoidable obstacles that lead to success. She challenges clients to embrace obstacles, as they often teach us our most valuable lessons. Shari is passionate about sharing her business expertise, and strategic advice to Entrepreneurs, Companies and Individuals committed to success and growth. Shari juggles multiple roles as a business owner, mother & bonus mother, speaker, volunteer, philanthropist and wife. She says some of the secrets to her success include her commitment to fitness, good friends, good wine and her famous home made bread that she bakes for her family every night!


Ashley Salmons

Production Coordinator

Ashley Salmons grew up the on West Coast in San Diego, California. She comes from a multicultural and collectivist family that has shaped her into the woman she is today. Ashley is the oldest daughter of eight and was raised by an ambitious Ecuadorian mother and a German/ Irish father. Family has always been the center of Ashley’s life, and she is a proud mother of her newborn son Jayden.

Due to Ashley’s culturally diverse upbringing, she knew she wanted to focus on providing life skills and career guidance to disadvantaged youth in the San Diego area. After making a meaningful impact in San Diego with her youth advocacy work, Ashley and her husband made their way to beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Ashley is currently pursuing a Mass Communications degree at the University of South Florida. She has experience in coordinating fundraiser events, cause related impact initiatives, and was the Coordinator of Office and Events at the American Cancer Society in 2017. Ashley now serves as the Production Coordinator for SRP, LLC. She is detail oriented, always makes sure the business productions run smoothly and are mission aligned, and our guests and partners have a phenomenal SRP, LLC experience!


Juliette Chero

Production Associate

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Sarasota, FL most of her life, Juliette is the daughter of a strong Peruvian mother that taught her some of the most valuable lessons in her life. Juliette’s greatest mission is to empower women, just as her mother did in the midst of poverty, immigrant struggles and identity conflicts. Their faith is what Juliette says guided them throughout their journey. Given the challenges Juliette and her mother had to overcome, she is determined to be an agent of change in the community. She strives to be that same helping hand that was there for her when she and her mother needed it the most.

Juliette is currently attending State College of Florida and is working towards her major in Mass Communications and Marketing. She has experience writing and editing for high school newspapers, blogs, and the Diocese of Venice Newspaper. She was also a key speaker at the Venice Youth Rally in 2016. Juliette is passionate about helping empower women and families, which is why she fell in love with the SRP, LLC business focus on creating diversity and inclusion opportunities for women in the community. She’s thrilled to be working alongside of such inspiring women for change.



What We Do

Create Diversity and Inclusion Events and Media Content


Keynotes, Workshops, Customized Panels


We work with a network of experts in the field and advise clients on professional projects, insight work, goals and opportunities to help them get results and thrive!


  • I am so thankful for Shannon’s Voice & Visibility January event. I had the opportunity to share my personal story as a featured speaker, which became my entry point into her powerful tribe of women. It is a rare experience to speak to a dynamic, loving, and encouraging group of women, who have a similar heart for impacting community and leadership, but that is exactly what I had the honor to do in an intimate studio in Burns Court, surrounded by a beautiful Art Exhibit. In my role as Founder/Artistic Director of Sarasota Contemporary Dance, it can feel lonely at times, especially because most of our local performing arts organization directors are males. Shannon is a community catalyst and has opened my eyes to other female "movers and shakers" in the community, who may not be in the performing arts business, but who appreciate the richness of our multi-cultural community, and who are excited to learn more about SCD and what I do. Shannon and her team are warm and welcoming and are redefining and recreating an environment that allows for women to network but also engage in real conversations that can lead to lasting friendships.

    Leymis Bolaños Wilmott Artistic Director, Sarasota Contemporary Dance
  • From the walk up the steps through the entrance, there’s a special vibe in this space. Relax. Exhale here.  Loved everything about the Voice & Visibility Salon - best of all, the people.  The energy, optimism and hope in the room was palpable.
    Vickie Oldham
  • I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the work you are doing! Your heart and passion are MEANT to be here in this community! I was so encouraged by the Voice and Visibility Salon Talk! The energy was palpable. What an extraordinary group of women! Thank you for allowing me to accompany Vickie for such an uplifting and empowering event! I look forward to partnering more in the future.

    Alysia Crawford Newtown Alive
  • Shannon’s leadership in the non profit sector is trailblazing. She has provided opportunities, access and hope to thousands through her work as an education reformer and advocate for women, children and families. Shannon’s experience in urban social work, philanthropy, and health care always embraces a positive gender and racial equity lens. Her ability to connect diverse networks of high privilege and high poverty individuals and organizations for a common goal is unique, and desperately needed. Shannon is a truth teller who uses her personal narrative, humor, and experience to inspire stakeholders who are committed to positive social change. I know she will bring her talent and SHINE to any client, project or initiative she sets her mind to.  Learn More

    Tuti Scott Chief Inspiration Officer
  • Shannon is a pioneering and passionate social entrepreneur. I had the privilege of serving as strategic counsel for Shannon for over 11 years as she and her husband, Neil Phillips created Visible Men and Visible Men Academy. Shannon's ability to deliver social change is due in equal part to her, relentless work ethic, sophisticated business savvy, and strong community engagement skills. She will be an asset to any organization that seeks true social impact. Learn More

    Shannon Nash Principal Nash Mgt Group
  • I've had the privilege of working with Shannon through my work with VeraCruz Advisory and she is one of a kind. Her communication skills, depth of knowledge of non profit operations, and visionary entrepreneurial thinking is only outmatched by her warm and generous heart. Any group will be lucky to partner with Shannon. Learn More

    Carlos DeQuesada

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