Welcome to the New Female Vibe

Women are at the helm of monumental change in America today. Now more than ever, women are speaking up, leaning in, questioning, connecting, creating, leading and earning. The Inaugural Voice + Visibility Women’s Summit (VVWS) is an innovative one-day Summit designed to convene, inspire and activate diverse female leaders in Southwest Florida and beyond. Our goal is to:
Empower Women
Expand Networks & Opportunities
Elevate the Voices of Diverse Women

VVWS shines the light on female leaders in: entrepreneurship, business, sports, arts, philanthropy, and community building! Come join the new Female Vibe…get connected, get inspired…Elevate with us!

Event Speakers



Founder, CEO, Hostess, Social Entrepreneur



SNN Co-Host, Author, Former Model, Artist



Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, Investor, Philanthropist



Attorney, FIFA Referee, Fox Sports TV Analyst


V+V Signature Events

The Luncheon

September 17, Michaels on East, 11am – 1:30pm

An afternoon filled with female empowerment and collaboration. Enjoy delectable food while listening to renowned speakers. Hand selected vendor merchandise will be available for purchase.

The Summit

February 4, Hyatt Regency Sarasota FL, 10am – 3pm

A day “like you’ve never seen before” Elevating Bold, Diverse Female Leadership, the Voice + Visibility Women’s Summit accelerates self-confidence, Wealth Creation, Innovation and Community Building.

The Mission

VVWS will premiere its inaugural Summit on February 4th, 2020 in Sarasota, Florida, and continue to scale. We will grow on an annual basis through our Summit event, media production and outreach! The Inaugural VVWS will host a minimum of 550-650 diverse and ambitious guests committed to reimagining their highest potential, expanding their networks and contributing to a fresh new women’s empowerment movement that is anchored in diversity and inclusion, wealth creation and limitless opportunity!

VVWS’s Speakers are Nationally Recognized Visionaries who will share their intimate stories of Leadership, Wealth Creation, Innovation, and Community Investment in women and girls! They are ROCK STARS coming to spend the day with us in Sunny Sarasota, Florida…and as such we will roll out the PINK Carpet and elevate together!! VVWS is for every woman committed to living her best life with personal and professional Purpose, while lifting others along their journey.

The Voice + Visibility (V+V) Events are unique in the following 5 ways:

1. All V + V events have over 50% of their guests who identify as women of color, aka The New Majority

2. V + V events are diverse and inclusive by design. All vendors, sponsors and partners demonstrate a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and female leadership

3. V + V Events are FUN, innovative and incorporate the Performing Arts (music, dance & fashion) Guests will be singing, dancing & strutting down the runway!

4. V + V events attract influencers, private sector leaders, change makers & Philanthropic partners that focus on innovation, leadership and community building

5. The fastest group of female entrepreneurs is Black Women, followed by Hispanic Women, yet they have the least amount of access to capital and networks of influence, we change that- right here, right now.

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